Egg Omlette

egg omlette

 Egg omelette is good for health and as well as tasty.


2 eggs
1 onion
50g chillies
Pinch salt and pepper


Heat the pan for two minutes.
In the mean time take a bowl and beat the eggs into it.
Then stir the beaten well and add chilly and chopped onion in it .
Add salt.
Stir it once again.
After the pan has become hot pour the well mixed egg mixture to hot pan.
Then add pepper to it.
Give some time to cook and then pour oil or butter on the side of omelette.
Then turn other side so that it gets cooked on other side.
After 1 minute take your omelette from the pan.
Now omelette is ready.
Enjoy making omelette and have a blast on that day.

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