Fish Soup Ukha (Russian)

fish soup ukha russian

NOTE: Ukha is a traditional Russian fish soupusually made of fresh fish, potatoes, onions and vegetables. Ukha, decorated with greens, is served with Vodka.


400 g small fishes
300 g pike-perch
300 g burbot
6 small potatoes
3 small onions
1 parsley root
1 1/2 l water
Spices of your choice


Clean small fishes, put in gauze and tie up.
Pour cold water over, bring to boil, take froth away,
Add 1 onion, parsley root, salt, bay leaf, and leave on a very low heat for an hour.
Take the gauze with fishes out.
Put chopped potatoes, green parsley and boil until potatoes are ready.
15 minutes before soup is ready, put fish slices in it.

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