If you are adventurous then try this Central Asian dish!

3 cups rice
5 cups water
2 cups carrots
2 cups onions
¼ clove garlic
1-2 packets of Spice for Rice
300g chicken or beef or lamb
1 cup cooking oil


Put cooking oil in a large cooking pot or cast-iron pot and place heat on a fire or stove.
Add carrots and onions and garlic, stirring to avoid burning, until mildly translucent. Cut meat into strips and then add to pot. (Traditionally, plov is cooked with pork,beef or lamb, but chicken works well also.)
Stir just so that meat is singed then rice and water.
Throw on a few dashes of salt and pepper, stir, then cover and wait.
Cook for 20-30 minutes on medium heat, just until rice is cooked.
Stir occasionally to avoid burning of rice to bottom of pot.
Add Spice for Rice (this is a crucial ingredient but unfortunately, ambiguous.
In South Africa it is called Spice for Rice, in Kazakhstan you can just buy plov seasoning from any corner store.
In USA you will need to get a generic middle-eastern/Asian spice packet that looks good to you) about 5-10 minutes before serving and stir throughout.
Serve plov in a large communal bowl in center of table. Eat with large spoons, or fingers.
Optional: add ½ cup raisins with the rice. This will give the plov a hint of sweetness.

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