Potato Pancakes Belorussian Style - Draniki


This Belorussian method of making potato pancakes is also very typical for Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Actually, I guess you can find these in nearly every European cuisine (starting with German) and beyond, because everybody loves crispy golden potatoes!


5 medium-sized potatoes
1 egg
½ cup kefir (which you might find in an Eastern Europe food store near you, or replace with a sour yoghurt)
½ cup wheat flour
½ tsp salt
Vegetable oil
3/4 cup smetana/sour cream


Peel the potatoes and grate them on a medium grater (don’t use blender; you can do it with a good old hand grater, just 5 potatoes, that’s nothing!). Leave the potatoes to drain in a fine sieve for a couple of minutes (we don’t want any excess liquid).

potato pancakes belorussian style draniki

In a bowl, mix grated potatoes, egg, and kefir. Stir well and add the flour. Season with salt.
We were making twice as many pancakes, that’s why we added two eggs, as you might have noticed.

potato pankakes belorussian style draniki

Take a large frying pan (the larger the pan, the more pancakes you can cook at a time, that’s why), pour two tablespoons oil, and bring to heat. Fry the pancakes over a medium heat until golden-brown on both sides.

potato pankakes belorussian style draniki

Make sure you add some oil every time you place a new batch of pancakes on the pan. And it is much faster to cook the pancakes on two pans at a time!

potato pankakes belorussian style draniki

You should absolutely serve Draniki with smetana/sour cream or, if you’re not going out after meals, make a cup of garlic sauce to them!

potato pankakes belorussian style draniki

Oh yum!

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