Scottish Cullen Skink - (Smoked Haddock Chowder)

scottisch cullen skink


600g smoked haddock fillets (preferably un-dyed)
2 tbsp Knorr concentrated liquid fish stock
2 large tomatoes
1 large potato – 450g
1 medium onion
10g parsley leaves
1 bay leaf
500ml semi skimmed milk
500ml water
40g butter
¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Chopping board and sharp knife
Liquidiser or blender stick
Measuring jug
Wide frying pan
Large saucepan
Cheese box grater


Feel along the haddock fillets and remove any bones. If necessary cut the fillets to fit the saucepan then pour over the milk. Add 1 bay leaf and the Knorr liquid fish stock then place over a medium heat and bring up to the boil.
Meanwhile, place the butter in the frying pan over a low heat. Peel and finely dice the onion then stir into the melted butter coating it well and leave to fry gently.
When the milk comes up to the boil, take the pan off the heat and put aside, leaving the fish to cook through and infuse it with flavour.
Now peel a large potato then run it over the blades found on the side of a cheese grater. Otherwise slice very thinly before tipping them onto the onions. Add the cayenne and stir everything well.
Next, boil 500ml water in the kettle then pour over the potatoes and increase to a high heat. Now add the milk stock pouring it through a sieve and leave the potatoes to boil for 10-12 minutes.
Meanwhile, finely chop the parsley leaves and put aside.
Peel the skin off the tomatoes, de-seed and chop the flesh into small dice and add to the parsley.
Check the potatoes, once they’re cooked, blitz the mix until smooth using a blender stick or liquidize and return to the saucepan.
Remove the fish skin from the fillets and roughly flake the flesh and tip into the saucepan along with the diced tomato and chopped parsley.
Return the pan to a medium heat and warm through.
Serve piping hot in warmed bowls with crusty bread.

Och Ay The Noo!

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