• Blue Cheese & Spinach Omelette

    Enjoy this simple and healthy omelette with cheese and spinach. You can omit cheese or use your own favourite. Highly recommended for those with Iron deficiency.
  • Honey Blini with Yeast - Oladushky

    If you have never tried these Russian style pancakes with honey and east, you will get a great surprise how they are so soft and fluffy.
  • Basic Crepes

    The greatest thing about crepes is that they can be filled with savory or sweet fillings, meat or vegetarian and with this recipe you can even make them virtually fat free if you want and they still come out good.
  • Strozzapreti with Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

    This beautiful recipe taken from the book “A tale of 12 kitchens”. The egg is added in step 2. If you feel that the dough is too soft, you may want to add one or the other tbsp of flour or semolina, which I will try next time. However, the recipe works well as is.
  • Orecchiette

    Making Italian orecchiette with durum wheat flour let the pasta dough rest 15-20 min (someone says even 30 min) at room temperature, wrapped in foil or simply under an up-side down bowl: this will soften the dough and make easier to shape it. In place of anchovies, this dish also tastes great with spicy Italian sausage. The sausage and broccoli complement each other really well.
  • Garlic Mushrooms

    Simple sautéed mushrooms with toasted bread makes a delicious tapa.
  • Crisp Potato Cubes with Rosemary

    Super simple and so deliciously looking.
  • Spaghetti with Crushed Cherry tomatoes

    This pasta is an easy one, not requiring too many ingredients: coppa (or bacon), stale (in the sense of 2-3 days old) bread, parmesan, pasta and fresh herbs are always in stock in our pantry. Plus cherry tomatoes, of course. And the result will be fantastic, as the tomatoes are unbelievably full of flavour! more than simple, rich in flavour and pleasant to the eyes dish. You can add a bit of chilli pepper flakes for a spicier result.
  • Garden Vegetable Ragu

    This hearty vegetable yet meatless dish looks and tastes delicious, warm, and full of flavour!
  • Mushroom Pâté

    Enjoy quick and easy appetizer that is so versatile. Fresh dill complements the woodsy mushrooms while mayonnaise dressing makes it smooth and spreadable. Can be made ahead day or two as tastes even better next day.
  • Scottish Clapshot

    Enjoy this healthy dish made with mashed swede and potato (or neeps and tatties). Serve alongside haggis, stews or roasted meats for a warming meal.
  • Rosated Royal Jersey Potatoes

    Time of new veg harvest. Isn't are beautiful first Royal Jersey new potatoes... they are something so precious each year after year to keep us going.
  • Simple Spaghetti

    This spaghetti dish highlights the beauty of simplicity.
  • Buttery Potatoes with Minted Courgettes

    Enjoy this dish, which is deceptively simple and incredibly delicious.
  • Rice with Egg, Peas & Grated Raw Vegetables

    Stirr egg through the rice after cooking to add richness and serve with a variety of raw vegetables for added crunch.
  • Authentic Polish Pierogi

    This is an authentic traditional Polish Pierogi recipe. Tasty and is an absolutely a must to try making. It takes some time to make all the pierogi dumplings, but well worth the effort. You can prepare these and freeze them, so that next time all you have to do is just stick them into a pot and fry them if you wish. You can make these with any filling. We used mushroom and sauerkraut filling for most of pierogi, but we did also use cheese and cottage cheese and blueberry fillings.
  • Spaghetti with Puttanesca Sauce

    At the end of a busy day, there's nothing better than sitting down to a delicious home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients. For that really Italian depth of flavour (and if you're not anti-anchovy), add 4-6 sliced anchovy fillets along with the chili, onion and garlic.
  • 15 min. Veggie Spaghetti

    Pop the whole bag of peppers in the microwave and a few minutes later you'll have "roasted peppers" - so much cheaper than buying them ready roasted!
  • Pea, Ham & Sour Cream Spirals

    Super-quick and super-simple pasta with a handful of common ingredients in just three easy teps - just cook the pasta and peas, stir it all together and eat!
  • Beer & Cheese Dip

    I used a nice pale Ale for a distinctive beer taste. But play around with this. Adjust the heat factor by adding/omitting the Sriracha. I paired it with vegetables, but the pretzels were my favourite.
  • Cheesy Courgette & Corn Skillet Bake

    The oven does most of the work in this fantastic courgette and corn skillet bake. Serve with a simple green salad and you’ve got dinner sorted. Use a thin tea towel or new dish cloth to squeeze the liquid from courgettes. Don't waste it either, add to stews, gravy or stocks.
  • Black Bean Salsa Chili with Avocado Cream

    Perfect vegetarian treat after a cold grey day. You can easily modify this recipe for no dairy - skip the Greek yogurt and the avocado and it will still be creamy. And leave out the brown sugar and it will still be yummy!
  • Pasta with Sausage in Creamy Vodka & Tomato Sauce

    This recipe can be adapted to your own taste. If you want to use a meat sausage, by all means, feel free. I used in this recipe an Italian-flavoured veggie version. If you don’t want vodka in your sauce, simply omit. And if you don’t want cheese or cream, you can omit those too as the sauce is great without the cream. Add in additional vegetables if you like. And make sure you drink a big glass of wine with it.
  • Cacio e pepe

    Enjoy very simple and great tasting pasta with absolute minimal ingredients in these difficult times, my friends.
  • Pumpkin Pancakes

    Pancakes, tasty pancakes. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.. in fact you can have them anytime. They are a tasty treat for anyone in the family. The kids especially love them.
  • Pasta Puttanesca

    This is a gorgeous pasta dish with all tasty ingredients that work so well together... and served with a glass of wine, perfect.
  • Lentil Meatballs

    Enjoy these so cute and absolutely gorgeous lentil meatballs.
  • Homemade Egg Noodles

    These noodles are so delicious and fresh, just include your kids and family in making them, and follow simple instructions, and have great fun!
  • Red Lentil Dal

    It's amazing to see what a few fragrant ingredient and spices can do to a pot of lentils. Serve with naan bread and basmati rice for the perfect Indian meal.
  • Sweetcorn & Tomato Muffins

    Enjoy Mediterranean sunny flavours with punchy sun-dried tomatoes and nutty sweetcorn.
  • Spinach Frittata

    You can use Parmesan and goat's cheese. Just add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes for a little extra savoury taste, though that’s not required.
  • Cucumber & Cashew Nut Curry

    Enjoy this vegetarian mild and creamy cucumber curry.
  • Vegan Ricotta

    Enjoy this proven to be the most reliable vegan ricotta recipe, never disappointing and pleasing omnivores and vegans alike.
  • Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

    There is nothing like pancakes on a lazy sunday morning, right?
  • Roasted Garlic & Swede Hash

    Enjoy rich and buttery hash just to proof that even the most unglamorous vegetables can yield fantastic taste.
  • Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

    What better way to a tasty evening than to a lovely spinach and ricotta cannelloni recipe. We have been planning this recipe for a while now and realised it tonight. If you love cheese, then you'll love this. Cheese, tomato, some massive pasta tubes stuffed with tasty goodness. When you make it, you'll see what I mean. You'll feel like in the heart of Italy! Oh and in case you were wondering cannelloni is pasta tubes approx. 7cm long and 2cm wide, and no you don't need to boil it before stuffing it. Enjoy this classic Italian cannelloni recipe. This recipe should provide 4 servings or 2 or 3 big servings if you are extra hungry.
  • Vegan Macaroni Cheese

    Enjoy beautifully creamy cheesy flavoured and totally vegan macaroni cheese recipe for this dish.
  • Avocado Pesto with Fusilli

    Delicious and healthy dinner in no time. The avocado gives the pesto a wonderful creamy texture and drastically reduces the amount of olive oil you need, making it a healthy alternative to traditional basil pesto. To make this dish strictly vegetarian, make sure that t the pecorino is made with vegetable rennet or swap for another hard ewe's milk cheese.
  • Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambling eggs is simple job but there are a few tricks for perfecting this mainstay of breakfast menus: fresh eggs, a light hand and good timing will guarantee perfect, creamy eggs every time.
  • Puy Lentil Bolognese with Vegan Pesto

    Enjoy this comforting vegan Bolognese recipe which substitutes meat for hearty puy lentils and is served with vegan pesto coated spaghetti.
  • Scrambled Tofu

    Super simple, versatile and fast way to prepare tofu and it's really hard to get wrong and makes a great vegan breakfast. Nutritional yeast in the ingredients - it’s a natural food derived from yeast, totally optional, but it does add a savoury (some call it cheesy) element to the scramble. You can buy it at natural food stores.
  • Braised Root Vegetables with Dill

    Wonderfully simple side dish for all manner of meats.
  • Swede Massaman Curry

    Enjoy this healthy and delicious vegetable curry with a pinch of Thai twist with a combination of swede, potatoes and button onions gently poached until tender. For another vegetarian version, cauliflower is also very good in this curry. Massaman curry is traditionally a meat curry and is delicious made with lamb neck. In this instance braise the lamb (cut into 2cm slices) for an hour until tender.
  • Lentil & Tomato Stew

    Rinse the lentils to make sure there are no stones in the package.
  • Vegan Crêpes

    The quantity of milk here is very provisional, as with all pancake recipes. these pancakes aren't as sturdy as the non-vegan version, however, getting a good pan coverage is useful.
  • Red Kidney Bean Curry

    Enjoy this lovely and healthy vegetarian Indian food. Serve it over brown Basmati rice with a side of quick sautéed bok choy for a little crunch. Or simply with the cauliflower/potato side dish and homemade naan. Serves 4-6.
  • Japanese Vegetable Pancakes with Tangy Sauce

    Pancakes can be sprinkled with bonito flakes, seaweed flakes or even pickled ginger, but you also can enjoy ours with a finely slivered scallion and toasted sesame seeds.
  • Potato & Broccolini Frittata

    Just a frittata and just amazingly appealing... for breakfast, lunch or dinner?..
  • Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

    Enjoy these essentials of simple Italian and Mediterranean cooking where you could coax the maximum flavour out of them with seasoning and toasting the rice, by cooking with a tiny amount of onion and garlic in olive oil then baking them slowly in the oven.
  • Mushroom and Barley Pie

    Enjoyed this vegetarian dish however please feel free to add some “punching up” in the flavor department if you feel like. Perhaps a 1/2 cup of chopped olives or 1/4 cup capers or sundried tomatoes?.. We never came to a specific conclusion, but you are welcome your own creations.