• Simple Breakfast

    Easy, quick, nutritious.
  • Quick Pickled Cucumber

    Beautiful summer's addition to any meal.
  • Sicilian Seafood Soup with Couscous

    Amazing soup with great flavours and lovely addition of couscous makes this soup very satisfying.
  • Grilled prawns & Calamari

    Simple, tasty, adorable treat.
  • Lemon Curd

    Delicious spread that is simple to make and tastes good.
  • Asparagus Milanese

    This delicious asparagus with fried egg combination is actually a special recipe. A recipe originating in the sunny Milan. Asparagus alla Milanese, the official name of the recipe, is a dish that is regularly served across North of Italy. It consists of a few delicious key ingredients, as many great recipes do – asparagus with eggs and parmesan cheese. In fact, you could also call it the poached asparagus recipe or asparagus with fried egg. These descriptions describe the recipe precisely – asparagus is lightly poached, the egg is fried until crispy edges are present keeping the yolk runny carefully seasoning with a little salt. Then simply combining it all and adding some grated cheese on top produces the most wonderful of flavours to be admired today, tomorrow and many times over again. This is a very good recipe if you are seeking for something light, healthy and vegetarian. Did I mention that it is a wonderful way to surprise your loved one? No doubt. I made this for my mum who absolutely loved it. I now make this recipe every now and then for our visiting guests. Asparagus Milanese can be served as a good snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can, try to use organic asparagus and free range chicken eggs the way that nature has intended. Quick, simple, healthy and delicious.
  • Egg & Potato Nests

    Quick and easy dish that you can even microwave when you are in a hurry.
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Nice and easy to make.
  • Gulf Coast Seafood Stew

    Minimum seasoning, light taste of the seafood shine.
  • Spinach & Feta Frittata

    Wonderful addition to your breakfast.
  • Mayonnaise

    Fresh mayonnaise is very simple and quick to make.
  • Three ingredient Pancakes

    The easiest pancakes you'll ever can make!
  • White and Coffee Brew

    A wonderful three layered coffee brew that you'll enjoy wherever you are. This recipe doesn't detail the exact proportions of ingredients, so that one is for you to try and play around with to get the best recipe.
  • Baked Vegetables Topped with Mozzarella

    Anwonderdul winter’s recipe full of veggie goodness. It’s so satisfying to eat this hot meal and feel good after - no heaviness, no lethargy, because all ingredients are natural and good for you. A fantastic recipe, try it. This recipe serves 2.
  • Pheasant with Mexican Style Sauce

    A delicious Pheasant recipe with a spicy and an aromatic sauce - hints of Mexico are in this sauce.
  • Apple Chips

    Healthy alternative.
  • Perfect Pizza Dough

    This recipe makes enough dough for 4 large rectangular pizzas or 8 round pizzas about 20cm in diameter. If you don't need it all you can freeze the rest of the raw dough to use another day.
  • Strawberry Avocado Feta Salad

    Looking at the picture of this recipe, you could easily say that this chicken strawberry avocado salad is the king of all recipes. A perfect summer dish, but if it is not summer where you are, then perhaps fit for anytime of the year. Now let me take you to when I made this chicken breast avocado salad – it was in the midst of summer right here in sunny Scotland. We gathered our own strawberries, got some onions, spinach, radish, avocado and feta cheese and mixed it all together. Then presented in a lovely square dish that made it look mouth-wateringly brilliant the strawberry avocado salad recipe was a resounding success. It was served to my visiting children who all loved it and suggested that I upload this recipe to share with others. So, here I am, sharing the recipe with you, so that you can also enjoy this fresh goodness. For the recipe, please use all fresh ingredients, organic if possible and own grown if you have the option! If not, don’t worry it will still be as tasty as it looks in the photo. And remember to leave a comment to let us know what you think of this interesting combination of including avocado and strawberry in the same dish! So, here we are - juicy, fresh, healthy and simply yummy.
  • Pan Fried Wood Pigeon with Potato Mash

    A fantastic pan fried wood pigeon recipe. A warming dish for the coldest weather - something you'll look forward to next time.
  • Avocado and Egg on Toast

    Creamy deliciousness to your usual eggs on toast. This is a very simple recipe inspired by healthy living, the key is to simply put all these ingredients together and walla, you have a delicious healthy snack or meal.
  • Chicken Salad on Rye Bread

    If you have been searching for Chicken Salad on Rye Bread Recipe, then look no further. This is it – this delicious salad is served with toasted rye bread and can be a delicious light snack that is satisfying in taste as well as look. It is a fairly simple recipe and you can either use freshly grilled or broiled chicken breast or make use of leftover chicken. Very simple to make this recipe – overall, chop up ingredients, mix up the sauce and stir everything together. Then sandwich it with some rye bread. And if you need some fresh rye bread, why not make it yourself too? Enjoy!