• Korean Pickles - Jangajji

    Vegetable pickles made with a simple brine from 3 ingredients — soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. The brine is not overpowering but a nice blend of flavours.
  • Spiced Pecans

    These nuts have a kick but even kids can't keep their hands off of them... This is the recipe I use for the pecans I put even on my strawberry salad!
  • Candied Cherry Tomatoes with Spice

    Enjoy of delightful way to mix a little summer flavor into these lovely jars.
  • Rhubarb Syrup

    Enjoy light and refreshing drink - perfect for a hot day. It would be amazing with a bit of St. Germain or even just with some vodka or some club soda and a squeeze of lime or even some of delicate gin. The flavour is definitely mild, so you want to pair it with something that won’t overshadow it too much.
  • Elderberry Jelly

    Enjoy this exquisite flavour alone… tastes sublime not only on bread and toast, but on pudding, ice cream or yogurt, too. The raw berries are mildly toxic, never consume uncooked!
  • Overnight Sauerkraut

    Homemade sauerkraut is much easier to make than you think! This quick overnight method will easily keep fresh sauerkraut in your fridge for those craving moments.
  • Marinated Red Bell Peppers

    Marinated red bell peppers are delicious and easy to make. Leave them overnight and wake up to the most flavorful bell peppers ready!
  • Flaky Pie Crust

    Only four ingredients and awesome results each time.
  • Perfect Pizza - Best Recipe (Simple)

    Finally, a recipe that works. A pizza that is not soggy. A pizza that is home made, thin or classic crust with a freshly made dough. I made pizza countless number of times and the primary complaint I always had was that the base became soggy. In fact, the base does not become soggy no matter how many fresh ingredients you put on top. This recipe, is absolute perfection. I will use it again and again, and so will you no doubt. Actually this recipe will rival Pizza Hut or Dominos. This is the only recipe you'll ever need for making fresh home made pizzas. PERFECT!
  • Fluffy Dinner Rolls

    You can prepare these rolls ahead of time, just simply make the dough and shape the rolls then pop the pan in the fridge overnight. The next day when you’re ready to bake they just need a few hours to rise then you can throw them in the oven right before serving dinner. Makes 16 rolls.
  • Pickled Mushrooms

    Simple pickled mushrooms recipe which is very simple to make and is bursting with flavour. Enjoy with oily fish or meat or as part of a summer barbecue, or prepare this recipe for a dinner party when you want to go the extra mile with your side dishes.
  • Dill Gherkins

    Enjoy these pickled gherkins with just about everything: sliced onto homemade burgers, chopped through tangy tartare sauce or as part of a cheeseboard.
  • Tikka Marinade

    Enjoy making this simple chicken tikka marinade. This recipe accommodate two stages of marinating the chicken, to help develop flavour. Finely slicing the chicken breast ensures that the marinade permeates all the way through the meat.
  • Spice Rub

    Spice rub is a very simple mixture of salt, herbs and spices. It is normally used to marinate meat or fish before cooking - it's a good idea to do this well in advance to get the flavour fully. Once the food has been marinated, enjoy grilling or barbecuing.
  • Cornbread

    Look for Italian polenta and make sure you buy coarse polenta and not the instant packets. Cornbread is traditionally made in a cast iron skillet however here is a recipe to make it in a loaf tin.
  • Swede Sauerkraut

    Traditionally sauerkraut is made from cabbage, but this swede sauerkraut recipe sees the under appreciated root vegetable getting the fermentation side instead. The result is a crunchy and sweet preserve which works well as a side dish next to cold cuts of meat.
  • Garlic Butter

    Garlic butter is very easy to make and is a one of great condiment's to have in the fridge for when your meal needs that extra flavour kick. It can lift the flavour of meat, fish and vegetables and is of course the perfect accompaniment to a warm baguette. The garlic butter will keep happily for a week in the fridge and up to a month in the freezer.
  • Garlic Confit

    Always great to have jar of garlic confit in your fridge. Perfect for blending through dips, dressings or a simple pasta sauce, or extra-garlicky hummus or lovely garlic pesto. Try out some flavourings of your preference, say woody herbs such as rosemary or thyme, spices such as peppercorns, star anise, fennel seeds or dried chilli, or even strips of lemon zest all add bags more flavour to both the cloves and the oil. The ingredient list should be enough to fill a 300-400ml jar.
  • Chia Jam

    This recipe for chia jam is so simple and so tasty. It will take you less than five minutes to whip up, and you'll be sneaking spoonfuls straight out of the jar.
  • Marinated Olives

    You can use old little jam jars for marinating olives which are quick to prepare and can be flavoured with any selection of herbs, spices, garlic and chilli to suit your liking. Mediterranean supplies of olives we used in this recipe.
  • Wild Garlic Pesto

    If you’ve been cycling or walking through the nearest forest recently you may have picked up a quite strong scent of garlic in the air. In season between late winter and spring, wild garlic grows in prodigious quantity in damp, deciduous woodland. It can be identified not only by its garlic-like scent, but also by its distinctive lush green leaves and pretty white petals. If you can get your hands on some, and I’d be surprised if there isn’t any nearby, then it has many culinary applications, just like a wild garlic pesto.
  • Pickled Red Onions

    Pickled red onions are so perfect addition to salads, soups, sandwiches almost to anything.
  • Pickled Cabbage

    This recipe is very easy to follow and does not require much effort or strength. However, it include of 70% vinegar essence, to kick-start the fermentation process.
  • Three Days Pickles

    In Russian there are two different words for pickles with or without vinegar, the process though similar chemically is completely different. The nice thing about these pickles you can make just a small jar, just to taste and enjoy your own product. All ingredients are approximate, except salt. But salt is cheap and so is water you can make exact mixture and just use what you need and dump the rest. If you do not have leaves do not worry either. These fermented pickles, are so nice and addictive. The recipe you can use also wit other veggies of your preference.
  • Szechuan Beans

    This recipe is for quick-pickled Szechuan beans from Sherri Brooks Vinton's book Put 'em Up! takes the green bean's snappiness and pairs it with the numbing heat of Szechuan peppercorns for a jar of beans that are great side dish and won't last long in the fridge.
  • Toum - Middle Eastern Garlic Paste

    We are presenting garlic paste from Levantine cuisine, a condiment that finds it's way into just about anything savoury. Just keep a bowl of it in the fridge, it lasts ages and you'll be surprised how often and diversely you can use it for. Not only as a base for a dressing, as with fattoush but as a marinade for variety of meat, chicken or fish, also for beginnings of a tomato sauce for pasta… use it as often as you use garlic. If you're feeling a bit traditionalist and virtuous, you may want to use a pestle and mortar. it's going to be a lot of effort of course. But you can use less romantic way - a food processor but with much more of a practical approach. Use good local garlic.
  • Pickled Green Beans

    This pickled green beans recipe is great for salads or chopping through sauces. Also great way to make the most of green beans if you have a lot of them as these will last you long into the autumn and winter months.
  • Fermented Garlic

    Fermented garlic can be used in many varieties of dishes, such stir-fries, blended into dressings or salsas or even as you would normally use garlic in a pasta sauce or soup. The fermenting process creates savoury taste which is often provided by ingredients such as fish sauce. parmesan or anchovies.
  • How to make Chestnut Pasta

    Lovely homemade Italian chestnut pasta (farina di castagna) dough recipe, full of flavour and easy to make.
  • How to make Gnocchi

    Enjoy step by step Gnocchi recipe which are small potato dumplings most commonly associated with Italian cuisine. I think each nationality has some type of potato dumplings and gnocchi just happens to be the Italian version. They are often considered a type of pasta and can be served with traditional pasta sauces, although they are really a pasta alternative and can be served in many different ways. One of the best things about gnocchi is its versatility: like pasta, gnocchi can also be coloured with ingredients such as spinach and squid ink. By making beetroot gnocchi to the dough turning into lovely pink dumplings.
  • Italian Style Pickled Vegetables

    Pickle your favourite summer vegetables to keep them for longer and enjoy all healthiness and taste. These colorful pickled gems make a great addition to antipasto platter of cheeses or salami, also can be added to dishes like even rice salad.
  • Mexican Taco Seasoning

    Perfect Mexican seasoning mix for preparing ground beef or shredded chicken taco fillings, you will love it, so try to blend of own - only common ingredients are involved. It’s really easy to make and you can adjust the mixture of ready made powder to your exact taste.
  • Freshly Made Pickles

    These pickles are just screaming "bite me" at me!
  • Kapusta - Sauerkraut

    One of the recipes fermenting cabbage, which is essential ingredient in many eastern European dishes, and if you ferment it at home you get all of the health benefits that ready-made pasteurised versions in the shops don't. Serve it hot with pork, add it to sandwiches or simply enjoy as a side dish.
  • Fermented Beetroot

    With addition of garlic dill and horseradish these fermented beets carries a distinctive eastern European flavour, and both the beetroots themselves and the liquid can be used in a variety of dishes.
  • Cast Iron Rolls

    No any "fat" listed in the ingredients list. No oil, butter or shortening. The only fat is the butter, brushed on the rolls before and after baking.
  • Steamed Hard Boiled Eggs

    Placing eggs into a pot with steaming water cooks them evenly and gently, with less risk of cracking, than dropping them into simmering water.
  • Onion Bread

    This onion bread is an excellent addition to soups, sandwiches, cheeses and salads. Recipe is delightfully simple to prepare and produces and excellent treat. Use of sweet onions in this particular recipe and it will keep for a few days if kept in an airtight container.
  • White Bread

    This classic white bread recipe is perfect for beginners. Once you have mastered this recipe, feel free to experiment with adding other flavours such rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes or olives to the base dough if you're feeling adventurous.
  • Fresh Chopped Herbs From The Freezer

    Try this with fresh herbs like parsley, chives, anything really. Froze them hard and pop them out into a zip-top bag, with the date and content on it of course.
  • Yoghurt Marinade

    Turn your chicken or fish into something exotic. Yoghurt is a great base for marinades as it's slight acidity pickles or “cooks” the meat while tenderizing it and keeping it juicy.
  • Blueberry Jam

    Simple blueberry jam recipe will provide a host of delicious breakfasts. If you manage to get your hands on British bilberries, do use them in place of the blueberries in this recipe. They have a punchier, more acidic flavour, and you can even forage them yourself in certain parts of the country.
  • Pickled Courgette

    The best type of courgette for this recipe is a baby courgette. The older ones grow too big and they aren’t as delicious when it comes to having the appropriate texture. Baby courgettes are smaller versions of the traditional courgette. They look very similar to cucumbers so they are ideal for this recipe. Pair them with meat dishes or even seafood ones.
  • Lacto Fermented Carots

    Carrots along with cabbage, are one of the easiest vegetables to use when you start making lacto - fermented pickles. There are a few basics to be aware of but it’s mostly common sense. Of course you’ll need some clean, sterilised jars to put them in. I use sea salt for fermentation as iodised salt inhibits the process and can darken your ferments, so is best avoided. Ideally use filtered water as chlorine also inhibits fermentation (or use cold pre-boiled water). You can vary the flavourings, adding herbs, chillies and the like.
  • Vegetable Stock

    Vegetable stock is a very versatile product and it is handy to have some kept in the freezer, readily available to enhance any meal. Foods which may usually be cooked in water such as rice, couscous or dried beans are tastier cooked in stock. It is a great base to any soup, stew or curry, and of course is essential for any vegetarian risotto.
  • Strawberry Jam

    Make the most of summer fruits with this classic strawberry jam recipe. Using strawberries at the peak of their season is important for a great strawberry jam, to ensure you get the maximum sweetness and flavour out of the fruit.
  • Salsa

    Just spread the salsa on pita bread, sprinkle some grated cheese on it, cook in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, and it’s ready! Also, if you want a savoury breakfast, on your fried eggs in the morning it is delicious.
  • Homemade Peanut Butter

    Once you make your own peanut butter you may well wonder why you've been buying it all these years. Seriously. It is literally just putting peanuts in a food processor for 2 to 3 minutes. Even with scraping it out of the processor and washing up, the whole thing takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Vanilla Pickled Vegetables

    Crunchy vegetables, such as radishes, carrots and cucumber, turned into a beautifully colourful pickle that is a delicious addition to salads, topping for burgers or accompaniment to cold meats and cheese.
  • Wild Garlic Butter

    Need something zesty on your grilled steak? Want to lend garlicky flavour to your steamed spring vegetables? Fancy some toasted garlic (rye) bread? Here you go, my friends!